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About Us

We specialize in offering the finest in hand-crafted Domestic US, European, and Japanese containers, exceptional tools, sized for working on miniature bonsai, show-quality shohin bonsai, shohin bonsai in training, premium material, grown specifically for bonsai, and imported books and DVDs strictly related to miniature bonsai

While the website factors in a price for shipping, we only charge actual shipping and refund any overpayment immediately upon shipping of an item.  All shipping is done using USPS Priority Mail, though we only use flat-rate if the cost is less expensive then non-flat-rate.

Our goal is simple and focused; helping you get even more enjoyment from working with miniature bonsai.

Our business philosophy is straightfoward; don't sell it if we wouldn't use it ourselves and charge a fair price without tons of additive fees.

Our plants are primarily UDSA Zone 6a or hardier material.  We try to maintain this level of hardiness to make it easier for you to overwinter your trees in colder climates.  The USDA hardiness of each plant is given in the description.

We enjoy miniature bonsai tremendously and enjoy sharing that passion with others. If we wouldn't use it, we certainly wouldn't expect you to be happy with it! Sometimes that means we're low on inventory or out of a particular species. We aren't trying to sell to everyone and anyone - just those interested in getting more enjoyment out of the creation and caring of miniature bonsai.

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