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Yamagoke - Dried Japanese Mountain Moss for Surface Root Protection


Please note the new reduced pack size - these are 100g / 2.3 liters.  The previous "bricks" were 300g / 8 liters.

Yamagoke is the go-to for a surface covering after repotting shohin & mame bonsai, and for shallow-rooted species like azaleas, crepe myrtle, etc.  It is leaps and bounds better than sphagnum moss.  It readily re-wets, it is a naturally smaller size, permitting it to nest better to resist being removed during watering, and in some cases "comes back to life" during the growing season. Being a true moss, it will not invade your soil with roots, should it spring back to life, but instead give you a nice, green carpet over your soil.  Yamagoke is Leucobryum bowringii and is not in the Sphagnum family.  They have vastly different characteristics, with Leucobryum being significantly superior in every way.

The image of an expanded pack is in a gallon size ziplock bag.  The loose moss has a US quarter in the image for scale.  This is directly out of the pack and has not been cleaned or processed in any manner other than expanding it.  This is clean, 99% debris-free, premium yamagoke!

Each pack is 2.3 liters dry (100g), moderately compressed and will cover a great number of trees.  If you wet too much, simply let it dry out and then add it back to the package.  There is literally no waste.  We continue to make every effort to supply US bonsai enthusiasts with genuine yamagoke!

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