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ClumpMaker Plates


Love those nicely melted, fused clumps and forests?  The ClumpMaker Plates are designed to create roots at the right level and let the trees fuse together (for species that fuse, of course).  They're designed to be reusable and environmentally friendly.  These are designed to be easily used on branched material and reused once the nebari improvement has been achieved.  They're also designed to promote quicker root creation above the installation site.  These are our own creation; engineered and manufactured in-house, just like the NebariMaker.

The term "Mame" is for smaller composition and material while "Shohin are for larger material and physically larger compositions.  The number denotes the quantity of holes to accept trees, designed to fit as near to the trunk/branch diameter as possible for scale and variation.  See below for a table of the quantity and size of holes per plate.

These are created using industrial engineering grade bioplastics, at least twice as strong as conventional 3D filaments.  As a plant-based bioplastic, they do not contribute to the problem of microplastics and they biodegrade in a reasonable time after their useful lifespan, and not be an environmental problem for thousands of years.

For larger quantities or commercial nurseries, please contact us regarding volume or commercial pricing.  If you're an existing shop interested in becoming a reseller, please contact us about our wholesale program.

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