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Mame Bonsai Soil Mix


Our mame soil is our own mix of 50/50 hard akadama and lava which are evenly graded to approximately 1/8" particle size or less. This maintains a free-draining characteristic with an ability to retain maximum amount of moisture/humidity and cation exchange to keep your mame bonsai healthy, whether you use an organic or inorganic fertilizer.  There are no filler or organic components in our mix.  This is essentially Boon's mix/APL/ALP without the pumice.  This provides 50% more akadama than APL while using 50% more lava for additional weight in small containers.

We highly recommend using a layer of yamagoke on top of the soil to act as a sacrificial moisture layer, which will also be a good indicator of when to water your mame bonsai.  If the yamagoke is dry, then it's usually time to water.  You can find yamagoke and fertilizer baskets under Wire & Accessories.

These are 1.5 liter, resealable bags and add just under 5 pounds to the shipping weight.

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