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Pro Lighting PLUS


This is the professional, four bulb fixture which is perfect for overwintering and developing trees indoors without worry of shading the sides of the plants.  If you're growing tropicals in a colder climate and want the year-round growth growers in warmer climates get, this is the lighting fixture for you!  The body is stainless steel and the reflectors are highly polished aluminum.  The electronic ballasts support LED replacement T5HO tubes and are silent. This fixture accepts four(4) standard T5 or T5HO bulbs.  They may be ordered with or without bulbs.  If ordered with bulbs, they are 6700K, T5HO.  The reflectors may be independently rotated. One big difference between this and the Basic is the design of the Stainless Steel chassis.  This unit comes with two outboard LED strips with both Warm White and Cool White LEDs. Each white channel can be controlled independently with the included Y-splitters and four dimmers.  The LED bars can be rotated to give optimal coverage.  Turn down the cool white and boost the warm white if you want blooming or turn down the warm white and boost the cool white to increase foliage growth.   Comes with 1/4-20 eye hooks standard which screw into the threaded inserts on the rear of the fixture. Shipping costs added by the system will be immediately refunded. (We need a shipping address for you!)  Made in the USA.

These are drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer in NJ.  Shipping will be invoiced separately after shipping costs are known.  Please see the Lighting Category page for Warranty & Replacement information.

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