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Fertilizer Baskets


We offer sets of 10 organic fertilizer baskets in a perfect size for shohin and mame trees.  These keep organic fertilizer nicely contained, away from pests and prevent fouling of the surface moss and media.  These will work with pretty much any organic fertilizer.  We recommend using trunk splitters to cut down larger organic fertilizer cakes as we've found it to be the method that produce the least amount of small pieces from breaking a cake apart.

Each bag contains 10 baskets.  Each bag contains 10 baskets.  Each basket has an inside diameter of 0.875" andthe height of the basket including the spike is 2" long.  

Use as many as you need per tree.  We recommend swapping out the organic fertilizer once per month.  When replacing the refilled basket, put it in a different location than the previous one to give all the roots optimal opportunity for fertilization.  Since it does take a week or so for any organic fertilizer to start breaking down and becoming useful, we recommend putting a fresh basket in the new location about a week before removing the existing basket (as opposed to the first method described).  This will get the new fertilizer feeding roots in a different area at the same time the older basket is removed.   The number of baskets per container is up to you and the stage of the tree.  Trees in heavy development should have baskets spaced about 3" apart, with the new baskets being placed offset from these three initial spots each month.  Trees that are well refined may only need one or two baskets to promote healthy growth, but not heavy growth.

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