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Bonsai-specific lighting for indoor development.  These include fixtures for starting from seed, fixtures for providing enough light to provide basic light for non-cold-hardy trees, fixtures for strong development of smaller shohin and mame bonsai trees, and fixtures that permit year-round strong growth of tropicals in non-tropical climates.

These are designed to have low heat output and high performance.  These fixtures, reflectors, and LED components are all Made in the USA.  The manufacturing company we have partnered with understands lighting far better than any other manufacturer.  They have been in business for decades.  Not only do they create home/hobbyist/professional lighting solutions, but they also create lighting solutions for zoos, public aquariums, and large institutions.  They also do consultation for large name brands that are creating LED light solutions.  The owner is considered to be one of the very best in the lighting field and one of the "fathers of the LED".

These lights are not comparable to anything else on the market.  From the high-efficiency ballasts to the design of the LED circuitry, they use proprietary designs that permit these lights to out-perform anything else on the market.

All versions come in 2', 3', and 4' long options and are created to order.  Shipping is directly from the manufacturer's facility in New Jersey and will be invoiced separately, after the shipping total is known.  The price listed is the manufacturer's MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) and lighting is not subject to any sales or discounts except when permitted by the manufacturer.

Warranty and Returns:  The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty from shipping date against manufacturing defects with direct returns after requesting an RMA (excluding fluorescent tubes).  We have used their products for years and extend the warranty an additional 2 years beyond the manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects.  You can purchase safely, knowing that you'll have full warranty for 3 years from shipping date (excluding fluorescent tubes).  Please contact us directly for any warranty returns.

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